Get Back On Track After The Holidays
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Get Back On Track After The Holidays

by Bold Apps January 26, 2018

Get Back On Track After The Holidays

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and that 2018 is treating you well. January is the ideal time for a health and wellness reset, but by the time the end of January rolls around, those New Year’s resolutions begin to challenge even the strongest intentions. Our TMC Nutrition Team is here to help. Robin and Stephanie have shared their personal tips and tricks to get back and stay on track after a season of indulgence and celebration.

In this video, Robin and Stephanie introduce you to the “3 F’s”:

  • Fluids
  • Fiber
  • Phytonutrients (...phonetically an "f"!)

Keeping the three F’s in mind, while focusing on how these factors aid in detoxification, here are the habits they rely on throughout the day:

Fluids + Phytonutrients:

  • Warm LemonWater: A warm cup of lemon water is hydrating, aids digestion and is a healthy start to the day. Citrus is also a source of phytonutrients and Vitamin C.
  • Organic Green Juices and Teas: The nutrition duo are known to walk around with green juices and different kinds of teas - both sources of important phytonutrients, such as:
    • Uña de gato to help kill off systemic yeast that may have flourished from the holiday season's sweet treats.
    • Green tea which is one of the healthiest beverages around for its antioxidant and detox powers. While it has a little bit of caffeine to keep you energized, it’s less acidic and less stimulating than coffee.
  • Flavored Waters: Mid-afternoon thirst may be masquerading as hunger. Before grabbing a snack, try drinking something like a flavored seltzer - no added sweetener, of course. La Croix or Spindrift are our favorites.

Fluids + Phytonutrients + Fiber

  • Soups and Broths: Salads are popular lunchtime options, but when the weather is cold, our nutritionists generally switch to soups. Easy home-made soup recipes can even include pre-prepped staples, like pre-chopped vegetables and boxed vegetable or bone broth to save time. Our Pinterest page is full of delicious recipes with ideas for meal prep. Veggie-focused soups add phytonutrients and fiber to your meals.

Phytonutrients + Fiber:

  • Sautés: When sticking with the 3 F’s for dinner, Robin and Stephanie recommend you keep it simple and sauté some fresh vegetables, chicken or fish and add herbs and spices for flavor. Garlic and oregano add an Italian flair (plus health-promoting phytonutrients), and coconut aminos create an Asian flavor.

Now that you have their best nutrition tips, here are some of the products they mention using during their own personal reset:

Daily Benefit ProteinDaily Benefit Protein

With plenty of protein powders to choose from in the office, this is TMC’s go-to protein shake, which they can mix up when they get to work, or have as an easy lunch or snack in a pinch when things get really busy.

UltraGI ReplenishUltraGI Replenish

Opt for this formula if you have a  sensitive stomach or a case of tummy troubles. The nutrients in this protein powder help to heal a leaky gut.

Glutamine Plus for Gut Healing & Healthy MusclesGlutamine Plus for Gut Healing & Healthy Muscles

Add this to your shake to help heal a leaky gut. Formulated with L-glutamine, it fuels muscle cells as well as feeds intestinal cells. It also helps you feel fuller longer and may prevent sugar cravings.

Daily Benefit FiberDaily Benefit Fiber

Adding fiber to your shake also helps you feel fuller longer and supports regularity, which is really important for proper detoxification.


If you want to mix things up, adding a chocolate flavored protein powder can be a nice change of pace. This one tastes great mixed with hot water to make a healthy, high protein hot “cocoa.”

Think like a nutritionist and use Stephanie and Robin’s tips to stay focused, trim down and get back to their healthy selves after the holiday season, or any time of year.


***The statements in this video have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat or cure any disease.

Bold Apps
Bold Apps


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