Matrigen II Remedy for Heavy Menstrual Cycles and Menopause Symptoms

Matrigen II Remedy for Heavy Menstrual Cycles and Menopause Symptoms


Matrigen II (1 fl oz.)

  • A spagyric homeopathic medicine
  • For calming the female hormone system*
  • Used for menstrual/menopause issues*
  • Used for ovarian cysts, miscarriage, fibroids, excessive uterine bleeding*

Reproductive & Gynecological System | Male & Female Sexual Organs

Reproductive & Gynecological System | Male & Female Sexual Organs

Therapeutic Action: Balancing of the Hormonal Function and Calming of Reproductive System.

Helpful For: Menopausal Symptoms, Menstruation Disorders, Dysmenorrhea, Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Uterine Fibroids, Uterine Bleeding, Ovarian Inflammation, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Inflammation of Prostate, Prostatic Hypertrophy, Mammary Gland Disorder, Vaginal Secretions, Fallopian Tube Inflammation, Intestinal Bleeding, Stomach Cramps*

Product Description

Nr.11 Matrigen II is generally prescribed to women with hormonal imbalance stemming from an overactive endocrine system. This remedy is helpful for cases of menstruation disorder, heavy menstrual bleeding, uterine bleeding, ovarian cysts with bleeding, ovarian inflammation, fallopian tube inflammation, as well as premature labor and lochia. Matrigen II may also be administered to men with hormonal balance issues and inflammation of the prostate. This dynamized medicine combines numerous ingredients that calm and restore the endocrine system to its normal functioning for proper hormonal balance. Matrigen II may also be used in conjunction with Nr. 19 Stomachik Iand Nr. 20 Stomachik II to aid in digestive disorders that require a calming response (e.g. Stomach Cramps / Peptic Ulcer).*

Ingredients: Alchemilla 3x, Thlaspi bursae pastoris 3x, Lamium album 4x, Millefolium 4x, Quercus 4x Alcohol 36.2%

* All ingredients spagyrically prepared making them highly concentrated, bioavailable and non-toxic.

Plants + Herbs Used
The following medicinal plants and herbs were hand-picked at certain times of the day where energetic qualities are greatest. No machines were used in the harvesting and cultivation of these natural ingredients. Plants + Herbs come from the Soluna Medicinal Gardens in Averara, Italy (Italian Alps).

• Lady’s Mantle, Chamomile Blossoms, Horsetail Herb, Deadnettle Herb

Recommended Dosage: 5-10 drops, 2-3 times daily, or as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

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