Getting to Know PEMF

Getting to Know PEMF

Krystle Ung by Krystle Ung

Getting to Know PEMF

May 17, 2022

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a topical treatment that has the ability to reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage, and even relax the nervous system. Let’s take a look at how this remarkable therapy can be applied to benefit your health and healing processes.

What is an electromagnetic field?
Simply put, an electromagnetic field is the energy created by charged particles in motion. These fields are everywhere–the ground, our bodies, the atmosphere–so there’s virtually no place that does not have an electromagnetic field. In fact, they are becoming increasingly prevalent in our modern environment given the evolution of modern technology.

You’ve probably heard of the term EMF referring to the man-made electromagnetic fields  radiating out of your phone, computer, internet routers, and other electronic devices. These devices emit EMFs many times stronger than PEMF therapy machines. How big is this difference? Your cellphone can emit a frequency anywhere from 0.7 GHz to 80GHz depending on the network generation it uses (i.e. 2G vs 5G).[1] In contrast, PEMF therapy typically utilizes frequencies of no more than 100 Hz–that’s up to 800 times less than a 5G phone![2] 

How does PEMF therapy work?
PEMF therapy is an FDA-approved technology that solely and non-invasively delivers low-intensity magnetic field energy to the body or specific tissues of interest, to interact with biological processes on a cellular level.[3] The controlled intensity, short duration electromagnetic pulses of energy that safely penetrate the body can stimulate better cell function and enhance the body’s natural recovery process. This modality may help to rebalance and restore optimum cell function, stimulate tissue repair, and modulate immune response.[4] 

These are some of the basic benefits of PEMF therapy:

  • Increased circulation
  • Enhanced muscle function
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Stress reduction
  • Bone healing
  • Blood oxygenation

Who is a good candidate for PEMF therapy?
Whether you’re looking to address pain, sleep issues, wound healing, lymphatic drainage, and possibly neurodegenerative conditions, PEMF therapy could be a great addition to your treatment protocol.[5] We do emphasize that this is not a single-session therapy. You’ll need multiple sessions to achieve the desired results and each session allows us to fine-tune the appropriate settings individualized to your experience. If you’re wondering how PEMF therapy can help you, please reach out to our office for more information. 

What can you expect during your session?
You can make an appointment for a standalone PEMF session or combine it with an IV session for an extra layer of zen. Our office uses a large mat for generalized PEMF delivery and smaller pads for targeted areas of interest. The duration of each session and frequency setting of the device are both highly dependent on the condition you’re looking to target. Typically, a lower frequency may provide more energy while a higher frequency can lead to a more relaxed feeling. The experience varies from person to person because this is an incredibly individualized approach. 

How can you get started?
Our team of integrative practitioners is happy to help you identify the most effective ways to utilize PEMF therapy in the management of your health conditions. Call our office to find out more: 212-989-9828.


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