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Vitamin D season is in full swing! While some sun exposure for vitamin D production is great for overall health, getting sunburned is always something to avoid. Everyone knows that excessive UV exposure damages skin. But did you know that the foods you eat regularly can improve your skin’s natural defenses against UV damage? It’s delicious and true!


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Dr. Morrison’s world – renowned detox program supports your body to detoxify naturally by jump starting your metabolism.

Our Daily Benefits program is available as a 10-day and 30-day program, and we have dozens of other hand-picked products to support your health and well being. Click here to browse our other products.

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Sail Through the Winter Without Feeling "SAD"
Sail Through the Winter Without Feeling "SAD"

by Robin Foroutan November 12, 2018

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short, is a type of depression that occurs during the winter. This type of depression, which affects more than 30 million Americans, is likely related to the changes in the amount of daylight to which a person is exposed. It also involves the circadian rhythm, which is our body’s internal clock that regulates sleep-wake cycles, among other internal functions. For most people, SAD is mild with symptoms ranging from fatigue to the “winter blues.” For many others, SAD may even interfere with daily activities.

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Halloween Digestive Health
Halloween Digestive Health

by Robin Foroutan and Stephanie Mandel October 17, 2018

Sugar itself is addictive, and sometimes sugar cravings are the result of excessive yeast (in the spirit of Halloween, let’s call them “yeast monsters”) in the digestive tract. Believe it or not, these microbes can actually hijack your brain and cause you to crave things that benefit them (mainly sugar and carbs), even if it’s to your detriment. It can be hard not to give in to temptation, but we are here to help! 

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