Meet the Immune Defenders: Your Active Illness Support

Meet the Immune Defenders: Your Active Illness Support

Meet the Immune Defenders: Your Active Illness Support

Getting sick is the last thing anyone wants to plan for. Cold and flu season always comes into full swing right when we’re trying to spend the Winter holidays with our families. Seasonal bugs are a drag, but with some planning you can be prepared to stop them in their tracks when they come your way.

Don’t wait until you’re stuck in bed recouping from a nasty cold before shoring up your immune system and stocking your medicine cabinet. In our last blog, we delved into the Immune Defenders Prevention protocol—Dr. Morrison’s tried-and-true suite of supplements for bolstering your immune system to keep you and your family healthy through the colder months. 

In this blog, we’re unpacking Dr. Morrison’s Active Support Immune Defenders—the immune supports you’ll want to have around to take care of symptoms when they arise. Many of these are prevention staples as well, but you’ll want to bump up the dose for active sickness:

Dr. Morrison Immune Defenders

Buffered Vitamin C (2 capsules, 2x/day) : Vitamin C helps your immune system to fight infections by supporting the healthy function of white blood cells. Dr. Morrison’s buffered vitamin C is formulated for maximum absorption, while being gentle on the digestive tract.

Bee Propolis (2 droppersful, 3x/day) : Local bees in the Catskills make this organic propolis to protect their hives. Take propolis right when you start feeling a tickle in your throat—Dr. Morrison finds it can dramatically reduce the severity of upper respiratory infections.

Andrographis** (2 tablets, 2x/day) : This traditional ayurvedic bitter herb is a potent antiviral and immune-stimulating remedy for acute illness support. These tablets feature a standardized extract with guaranteed potency, synergistically paired with holy basil and echinacea.

Daily Flora Immune (1 capsule, daily) : This specialized, research-backed blend of probiotic strains has been shown in clinical trials to reduce the risk of upper respiratory tract infections. Continue taking it during acute illness so the good bugs can help fight the bad ones!

Argentyn 23 (2 sprays each nostril & throat, x2/daily) : Silver is a potent antimicrobial—inhibiting microbes on contact—as well as an important mineral for the immune system. When used at the earliest sign of symptoms, this silver spray can help drastically slow the progression of a nasal or throat infection.

NAC (2 capsules, 3x/day) : This specialized antioxidant amino acid has been widely studied for its benefit in acute viral infections. NAC is directly antiviral, while also protecting our airways and boosting immunity. It can also act as a natural decongestant, at 3 capsules twice a day.

Vitamin D3/K2 (  2 caps, daily for 10 days) : Higher blood levels of D3 and K2 support stronger immune function and a balanced inflammatory response for optimal illness recovery. Sickness uses up our vitamin D quickly, so supplementing can help keep your levels healthy!

Reacted Zinc** (  1 cap, x2/daily with food) Zinc is essential for bolstering our white blood cells that fight off viruses and other infections. This patented, highly absorbable mineral chelate can help your immune system quickly get the zinc it needs during acute illness. 

Isoquercetin (  2 caps, x2/daily) : This highly bioavailable form of the antioxidant quercetin helps regulate and enhance our immune response, and it also improves the effects of zinc. The quercetin/zinc pair is a staple of both prevention and active illness response!

Now is the perfect time to stock up on what you’ll need in case you or your loved ones come down with a cold or the flu this Winter. By planning ahead, you can be confident that you’ll have exactly what you need on-hand to quickly take care of a sore throat or other viral symptoms when they appear.

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If you already have our Prevention Protocol, pick up the Andrographis, Argentyn 23, and NAC to add in when you start feeling under the weather. We want you to be well as quickly as possible!

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