Dr. Morrison Immune Defenders

Meet the Immune Defenders: Prevention Essentials

Meet the Immune Defenders: Prevention Essentials

We may have had a hint of “second summer,” but the chill in the air is unmistakable in New York—Fall is here. Kids are back in school, professionals are back from vacation, and most of us are experiencing an increased risk of exposure to infections that can make us sick.

Now is the ideal time to start the routines that will help give you and your family the immunity boost you need to defend yourself through the colder months and the coming holiday stress.

Dr. Morrison’s Immune Defenders protocol combines the specific supplements he’s used successfully for the last decade (and more!) to help you and your family stay healthy through the Fall and Winter. We’re excited to share our guide to the seven key preventative Immune Defenders you can start taking today to maximize your protection:

Dr. Morrison Immune Defenders

Buffered Vitamin C (1 capsule, 2x/day) : As a strong antioxidant, vitamin C helps your immune system to fight infections and your nervous system to manage stress. Dr. Morrison’s buffered vitamin C is formulated for maximum absorption, while being gentle on the digestive tract.

Bee Propolis (1 dropperful, daily) : Local bees in the Catskills make this organic propolis to protect their hives. Take propolis right when you start feeling a tickle in your throat—Dr. Morrison finds it can dramatically reduce the severity of upper respiratory infections.

Echinacea**(1 tablet, daily) : Native to the US northeast, this herb has been used for millennia as a tonic to strengthen the immune system. Take Echinacea daily to build up immunity as we head into winter. 

Daily Flora Immune (1 capsule, daily) : This specialized, research-backed blend of probiotic strains has been shown in numerous clinical trials to reduce the risk of upper respiratory tract infections and colds—by optimizing the immune system in the gut!

Vitamin D3/K2 (1 capsule, daily) : These darker months are an important time to supplement with the sunshine vitamin. Higher blood levels of D3 and K2 support stronger immune function and a balanced inflammatory response for optimal health.

Reacted Zinc** (1 capsule, daily with food in the morning) : Zinc is essential for bolstering the white blood cells we need to stave off viruses and other infections. This patented, highly absorbable zinc chelate can help shore up your winter stores of this essential nutrient.

Isoquercetin (1 capsule, 2x/day) : This highly bioavailable form of the antioxidant quercetin helps regulate and enhance our immune response, and it also improves the effects of zinc.

Introducing the Immune Defenders to your daily routine today is a small step you can take this Fall—with big returns for your Winter wellness. Learn more about Dr. Morrison’s specially curated products in the links above, and reach out to place your order!

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**These products are available online for TMC patients only. If you are not a TMC patient and interested in learning more about it, please call the TMC office at 212-989-9828.