Allergy Defenders! Plus Asthma Support

by Dr. Morrison Daily Benefit

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Strengthen Your Immune System By Dr. Morrison's Allergy Defense Kit Plus Asthma Reduction

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1 bottle of Buffered Vitamin C

1 Bottle of NAC

1 Bottle of Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin

1 Bottle of Resprin

Dr. Morrison's Allergy Defenders Plus Asthma Support is a targeted supplement kit designed for individuals seeking relief from both seasonal allergies and asthma symptoms. This comprehensive package includes Buffered Vitamin C, NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin, and Resprin, each contributing to a multifaceted approach to immune system support, reduction of histamine levels, and improved respiratory health. Specifically, Resprin is added for its benefits in supporting upper respiratory health, making it an ideal choice for those with asthma.

Buffered Vitamin C by Dr. Morrison: A natural anti-histamine and immune system support.*

  • Vitamin C may help to reduce histamine levels, and acts as a protective antioxidant, protecting our cells from oxidative damage from the excessive inflammation that occurs with allergies.
  • Recommended dose: 2 capsules three times daily, with meals 

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) by Dr. Morrison: A natural decongestant, and supports antioxidant and detoxification action in the body.

  • NAC is a natural amino acid derivative that supports detoxification and acts as an effective mucolytic agent - meaning it helps to break down and thin out mucus so the body can expel it more easily.
  • Recommended dose: 2 capsules twice daily

Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin by Integrative Therapeutics: Helps to stabilize mast cells, preventing the release of histamine.

  • Quercetin is a flavonoid found naturally in foods like onions, leafy green vegetables, broccoli, green tea, and herbs like nettles. 
  • Recommended dose: 2 capsules twice daily

Resprin (for asthma): Traditional Chinese remedy for upper respiratory symptoms, including asthma.

  • A blend of 17 organic traditional Chinese herbs designed to support respiratory health
  • Includes key ingredients that can help the body expel phlegm*
  • Recommended dose: 2-6 capsules daily, depending on severity of symptoms.