Why Biochemical Individuality Should Impact Food Choices

You are what you eat - why biochemical individuality should impact food choices

Stephanie Mandel by Stephanie Mandel

You are what you eat - why biochemical individuality should impact food choices

October 10, 2017

If you are what you eat, what would you be?

The food you put in your body is more than the flavor you taste or the satisfaction you feel. Every single item of food that you eat has an impact on your health. There are so many different diet recommendations out there because there isn’t one diet that works for everyone.

Healthy eating is an essential step towards living a long and active life. Dr. Jeffrey Morrison spoke to CBS News about the importance of a balanced diet as you age.

Every person has a unique metabolic and genetic makeup — Dr. Morrison refers to this as biochemical individuality, and it determines your metabolic needs, including how often you should eat during the day and what you should be eating.

Three meals a day works for some, but not everyone. For those with a faster metabolism, consuming 4-6 smaller meals throughout the day is recommended. However, for people with slower metabolisms, consuming two to three meals per day tends to be best.

Calories should always be considered, but the most important thing to remember when choosing what food to consume is that there must be a balance. If you have a fast metabolism, you may need to eat more calories to keep your body functioning at a normal speed. If your metabolism is slower, you may need fewer calories to keep moving throughout the day.

Check out Dr.Morrison’s interview with CBS News to find out more information on biochemical individuality and healthy eating suggestions.

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