Flexible Detox Plan

Flexible Detox Plan

Flexible Detox Plan

For years, the TMC community has welcomed the warmer months with a TMC-wide Daily Benefit Detox. Our entire staff and our clients come together to shed our “winter” selves and welcome the warmer weather. 

As with many things this year, this spring and summer feel different. While some of us are feeling ready for a full-on 10- or 30-day detox challenge, we’re ready to admit that some of us are craving a gentler approach. That’s OK! We’ve come up with 3 versions of the protocol — Easy, Medium and Full-Force — to give you the flexibility to ease back into a healthier summer, while still delivering a great detoxification plan.

Easy Detox Plan: 

Medium Detox Plan:

Full-Force Detox Plan:

  • Avoid grains, gluten, dairy, added sugar, nightshade vegetables and high sugar fruit (see our Grocery Guide for more information)
  • Enjoy our Daily Benefit detox shake for breakfast and as part of lunch
  • Commit to drinking plenty of water, lemon water and green tea
  • Eat plenty of these detox-friendly foods
  • Get adequate sleep and daily exercise

Just like with exercise, we encourage you to start at the place that’s right for you — no matter what, you’ll see positive results. You can take our Symptom Survey to help you evaluate your starting point. 

Remember we have plenty of resources available on our website to help you along:

And if you’re not sure where to start, or could use some help structuring your plan, we’re here for you! 

We love custom-tailoring the Daily Benefit plan because it’s flexible yet effective. And we’re available for virtual support. We can’t wait to work with you - schedule your appointment today!