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Marco Pharma

Copper/Gold/Silver Drops

Antimicrobial, diseases of the lymphatic system, septicemia, premature aging process, low energy, infection, inflammation, polyarthritis.

Contains: 1 fl oz, enough for 40 servings.

Copper-Gold-Silver concentration, contained in 100 mL ionic solution:
5 mc copper as copper gluconate.
16 mc gold as sodium tetrachloroaurate.
21 mc silver as silver nitrate.

  • A liquid mineral supplement
  • Used in the presence of parasite or fungal diseases, adrenal exhaustion, low energy, inflammation, polyarthritis, diseases of the lymphatic system, septicemia, premature aging, depression and anxiety

Suggested Use:

Adults: 20 drops on the tongue or in 1 ounce pure water
before or between meals, three times daily.

Children: Half of the adult amount.



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