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UltraInflamX Plus 360 Anti-Inflammatory Protein Powder


UltraInflamX Plus 360 by Metagenics is a vegan pea and rice protein powder that provides advanced nutritional support to calm inflammation in the digestive tract.*

Net weight: 1 lb 6.71 oz (22.71 oz) (644g), enough for 14 servings, each containing 15 grams of protein.

Featuring CurQfen, a clinically studied, highly bioavailable curcumin extract from turmeric provides anti-inflammatory benefits particularly useful for those with:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)*
  • Ulcerative colitis*
  • Crohn's disease*
  • "Leaky gut"*

Metagenics' new flavors taste great and mix well with water or non-dairy milk for a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, or satisfying snack.

Comes in two flavors: Original Spice and Chocolate Orange

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat or cure any disease.

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