Fall Survival Guide: 4 Ways To Supercharge Your Health Before the Holidays

Fall Survival Guide: 4 Ways To Supercharge Your Health Before the Holidays

Fall Survival Guide: 4 Ways To Supercharge Your Health Before the Holidays

It’s that time of year: the crisp air and back-to-school mentality revitalize us to dive back into our lives and work with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. Tucked between summer barbecues and family holidays, the fall presents a golden opportunity: to clear out leftover toxins from rooftop cocktail parties while bolstering the immune system for the coming winter. Here are our four top tips - plus a bonus for those with allergies - to optimize your health this fall.

1. Keep that summer glow...at least on the inside!

Vitamin D3 is a key component of a strong immune system - crucial for a healthy, active winter. We also need to maintain adequate vitamin D levels to stay sharp and happy through the colder, darker months, as low vitamin D is associated with poor cognitive function, depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

We always recommend taking vitamin D3 along with vitamin K2 to ensure proper utilization of calcium in the body: vitamin D3 helps us absorb it from our food, vitamin K2 makes sure it goes to the right place - bones - and stays out of soft tissue.

Our Vitamin D3/K2 is available in liquid form. 5000 IU daily is a good standard winter dose, though we recommend having your physician check your vitamin D levels to determine the best dose for you.

2. Happy gut for fewer colds

Daily Flora Immune is one of Dr. Morrison’s staple supplements - he believes taking it every day last winter may have helped keep him from getting sick. “Friendly” probiotic strains L. plantarum and L. paracasei simultaneously support digestive health and have been shown to support respiratory health when taking one capsule daily for 3 months - talk about a two-fer!

3. Gear up for a busy schedule

Stay calm, cool and ready to take on the stress of work and the holidays with an adaptogenic herb that’s helped people adapt to stress for over 4,000 years: Ashwagandha is a classic adaptogenic herb that supports adrenal health to balance the nervous system and support energy production. We recommend taking 250-300 mg daily.

4. Love your Liver!

Take advantage of the natural lull between summer barbecues and holiday parties by showing your liver some much-needed love with LiverCare, an Ayurvedic herbal blend to support detoxification. We recommend taking one tablet daily.

Plus a bonus for those with fall allergies...

Nettles are known to be anti-inflammatory, and research over the past decade has shown its anti-allergy effect. Integrative practitioners often recommend nettles as a natural alternative to antihistamine drugs. We recommend 250 mg three times daily to help combat fall allergy symptoms.

Now that you’re in the know, go out there and enjoy your best fall!