Mind Body Spirit Release

Mind Body Spirit Release™: Intention-Based Energy Clearing for Profound Positive Change

Mind Body Spirit Release™: Intention-Based Energy Clearing for Profound Positive Change

By Stephanie Mandel, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, Certified Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner

Mind Body Spirit Release™ (MBSR™) is a method of identifying and releasing stuck or imbalanced energy in the body. Developed by Tracy Southwick at Heights of Health in Houston, TX, MBSR facilitates the release of negative energy patterns we’ve embodied from negative experiences, emotions and trauma, to facilitate comprehensive mind-body healing. 

How MBSR works

MBSR practitioners use the term “imprints” to refer to negative energy patterns that have become part of our subconscious mind and nervous system throughout our lives, or that we’ve inherited from past generations. We are trained to use an energy testing method called ideomotor testing, a form of muscle testing, to see whether the client’s body responds positively (strongly) or negatively (weakly) to a given stimulus. We can also use our own body just as effectively, as a stand-in for the client, if working remotely. By doing this, we are able to narrow down which specific types of negative energies are holding the client back from achieving a specific life or health goal. 

How is MBSR different from Emotion and Body Code?

While both techniques use energetic muscle testing to identify blocks and imbalances, and a clearing technique to release them, they are best used in different situations. 

Emotion and Body Code can clear blocks affecting a wide variety of physical and emotional issues. So, if you’d like to address 3 or more issues in one session — for example, neck pain, headaches, insomnia, stress at work and a difficult relationship with your mother, we can do that all within a single Emotion and Body Code session. This is often very effectively and provides wide-spread relief  and ease across many different areas of one’s life. 

MBSR is intention-focused, meaning we identify 1-2 goals at most per session and dive deeply into them. While this can absolutely also be used to support profound physical healing, I find that this technique is particularly useful when you’re looking to shift on a deeper level, or change relationship or life dynamic (around career, love, finances, how you relate to your partner/job/family/etc.). Intentions can explore anything, ranging from releasing attachment to or identification within chronic illness to addressing the energetic aspects of infertility, and so much more. 

If you are unsure which technique is right for you, we can easily determine that at the beginning of a session. A combination of both often works well. We’ll discuss your goals and which is best for you. 

A typical MBSR session 

At the beginning of an MBSR session, we speak about what’s going on in your life, what challenges you’re facing, and your specific intentions or goals. I often like to kick things off with the following question: 

“What’s the difference between you as you are now, and the best possible version of you living the best possible life?”

I might ask you to consider what qualities you want to embody or what you’d like to call in. This could be anything from releasing physical symptoms (fatigue, pain, digestive issues, etc.) to flowing through your career with more ease, to calling in more joy or abundance. 

Then, using the testing method mentioned above, your practitioner will begin to identify “blocks” — negative imprints that are blocking your subconscious mind and nervous system from fully aligning with your intention and making it a reality. Blocks can range from energetic blocks within the physical body, such as stagnant energy flow within the nervous/digestive/lymphatic systems, to trapped emotional energy, to limiting subconscious belief holding you back from reaching your potential.

Once all the blocks have been identified, a clearing technique is performed, which releases those negative imprints. This does not replace the work the individual must do to progress in life — you as the client will still need to take action to move toward your intention — but the clearings often make the steps in that process much more clear and doable. 

What you leave with

Clients often report an immediate sense of calmness and positivity following a session, while long-term they often note positive changes in their lives, improved relationships, fewer physical symptoms, and things just seeming to flow more easily for them.

A few recent pieces of feedback I’ve received from my MBSR clients:

  • A busy mom is able to be more patient and present with her young kids after a long day of work.
  • A young female client is able to set healthier boundaries with her parents and have more productive, less stressful conversations with them about their relationship.
  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • Reduced back/neck/shoulder pain
  • A feeling of lightness and less emotional attachment to stressful changes at work

You will be sent a full report of the blocks found and released; while you do not need to study or reflect on these in depth, it can be interesting to see what came up. You might recognize that certain areas or relationships in your life show up repeatedly, which can direct your toward action or changes that will help you continue to align with your intention. It’s also interesting to see if any patterns emerge over several sessions, as those areas may also be calling for more attention and reflection. 

You will also receive your “restorative words or emotions” — words that represent positive types of energy your body strongly resonates after we’ve cleared a set of negative imprints. Your practitioner will explain how to use these in your report. 

Finally, if applicable, you will receive “action items” — supportive activities that will facilitate further healing on your own. These may include journaling exercises, breathing exercises, flower or homeopathic remedies, techniques for energetic protection and more. 

If you would like to experience MBSR for yourself…

Please call our office to schedule a session with Stephanie Mandel, Certified Professional-Level Mind Body Spirit Release Practitioner - 212-988-9828, extension 2.