Top 3 Immune Defenders for you this Fall

Top 3 Immune Defenders for you this Fall

Top 3 Immune Defenders for you this Fall

It’s that time of year again — there’s a chill in the air, the kids are heading back to school, college students are enjoying dorm life, and professionals are heading back to the office. You’re probably experiencing an increased risk of exposure to infections that could make you sick. To give you the most protection for supporting your immune system, Dr. Morrison shares his favorite immune boosting supplement recommendations to help you and your family optimize your immune defense.

This is the ideal time to start the healthy routines that will help keep you and your loved ones healthy through the flu season and the stress of the holidays! Folks often think of New Years as a time to start healthy habits — but we feel starting to boost your immune system BEFORE it’s overtaxed, is the best way to sail smoothly through the holiday season!

Dr. Morrison’s Immune Defenders are the specific supplements he’s combined successfully for the last decade to help you and your family stay healthy through the coming months.

Buffered Vitamin C

It’s well known that Vitamin C helps to improve your immune and nervous system function. As a strong antioxidant, this vitamin helps your immune system to fight infections and your nervous system to manage stress… which we could all use a little help with!

Dr. Morrison loves this specific Vitamin C supplement because it is a high-quality and helpful product that will be easily absorbed by your body.

With the added benefit of Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, these minerals help make this vitamin better for folks that may have a sensitive stomach.

Daily Flora Immune

This probiotic helps specifically reduce the risk of acquiring upper respiratory infections.

It may come as a surprise, but just like there are beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, there are also important beneficial bacteria in the respiratory tract.  These beneficial bacteria improve resistant to colds and infections.

Dr. Morrison suggests taking Daily Flora Immune, because it has a strain of good bacteria (probiotic) that has been studied and found to reduce the chance of getting upper respiratory infections, which is a key concern during the cold and flu season.

Vitamin D3/K2

Vitamin D3 is well known to help with building strong bones, boosting your mood in the dark months of the Winter, and for improving your immune system function. Your exposed skin naturally produces Vitamin D when you go outside to enjoy the sun.  

Due to our busy modern lifestyles, spending more time inside, and using sun protection, many people have become deficient in Vitamin D.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to replenish Vitamin D3 (the active form of vitamin D) with a high quality supplement.

We have specially formulated this supplement, and added Vitamin K, to help strengthen your bones.

Now is the perfect time to start the routines that will help keep you and your family healthy through the Fall and Winter! When you introduce the Immune Defenders to your daily groove, it’s incredible how such a small addition can have a huge impact on your life!

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