Green Protein Shake Recipe

Call in the "Green Monster" to Kick Start Your Day

Call in the "Green Monster" to Kick Start Your Day

Start your day like a champion with this vibrant Green Monster smoothie! Packed with leafy greens (your choice!), Dr. Morrison's powerhouse powders, and delicious superfoods, this healthy concoction packs a punch of nutrients to fuel your body and mind.

Why go green? Leafy greens boast an army of benefits, from supporting bone health to boosting brainpower. Plus, with the help of this recipe, you can customize your green experience based on your preference!

Ready to unleash your inner green machine? Here's what you'll need:


4 oz. unsweetened non-dairy milk (almond or coconut milk)
2 scoops Daily Benefit® Protein Powder
1 tbsp Daily Benefit® Fiber
1 tbsp Glutamine Plus
1 Persian cucumber (or half regular cucumber)
1 cup packed organic mixed salad greens (baby spinach, arugula, baby kale, or collard greens - pick your poison!)
1/2 cup parsley



  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy.
  2. Savor your green glory!


  • For a milder green flavor, start with baby spinach. Feeling adventurous? Explore arugula, kale, or collard greens.
  • If you prefer a thicker smoothie, use less liquid or add some ice cubes.
  • Want to boost the sweetness? Add a touch of organic green apple.
  • Top with a sprinkle of chia seeds or hemp seeds for an extra textural and nutritional boost.

Enjoy your refreshing, healthy, and powerful Green Monster smoothie! Share your creations using #DrMorrisonDetox on social media and inspire others to embrace the power of greens.