About Daily Benefit-old

Daily Benefit was founded in 2005 by Dr. Jeffrey Morrison as an extension of his preventive and integrative medical practice. Having practiced integrative medicine clinically in New York City for many years, Dr. Morrison deeply feels that there is a need for supplements with reliable quality and trustworthiness. His search for the best available supplements for his patients is continuous and ongoing. He is now opening up the opportunity for the public at large to purchase the same supplements  he recommends to his patients. In doing so he has created his approved brand for everyone who needs them.

Why and what makes Daily Benefits special:

  • Products are curated by the practitioners at the Morrison Center 
  • The Daily Benefit is the authorized seller of the brands. We work directly with each manufacturer. 
  • Our products are backed by scientific studies and research.  
  • Each of the supplements are the same as those which have been recommended to patients of the Morrison Center.
  • We only carry products which have passed the high standards of quality and efficacy which the Morrison Center requires for its patients.  
  • Each order is hand-packed by our staff at our New York City office and sent promptly to each customer. 
  • We have professional healthcare practitioners, nurses, nutritionists and the entire team members to answer a customer’s questions. 
  • Arrangements can be made for medical support by The Morrison Center, as needed.

What our customers can expect from Daily Benefit

  • Reliable quality
  • Authentic products 
  • Support from our team 
  • Competitive prices


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