PC (Phosphatidylcholine) Liquid

by BodyBio

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Size: 198 ml

For Healthy Aging, Nootropics Booster, Enhance Focus, Memory, Cellular Repair Phosphatidylcholine for Increased Bioavailability

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What is PC?

Phosphatidylcholine, or PC, is the raw material your cells need to stay healthy through all stages of life. Of the tens of thousands of molecules that make up the life of a cell, PC stands apart. Bodybio PC rebuilds the cell membrane and increases fluidity, supporting cellular function throughout the body.


  • Focus: PC helps to fight brain drain and sluggishness, keeping the mind sharp.
  • Anti-Aging: PC supports cellular repair and cognitive support for your memory.
  • Performance: Mitochondria are the power plants in your cells that help produce energy and support the mind and body

What makes BodyBio’s PC unique?

BodyBio PC contains highly concentrated levels of:

  1. Phosphatidylcholine (PC) - essential for memory
  2. Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) - vital to mitochondrial function
  3. Phosphatidylinositol (PI) - supportive to the brain and neurotransmission

Many PC products are non-liposomal — this means they’re broken down by digestion, limiting their positive impact on cellular health. BodyBio’s PC is a non-GMO, pure liposomal form of PC, which means their pure phospholipids remain intact and are instantly utilized by the body’s cells. 

If I am allergic to Soy can I take BodyBio® PC?

Soybeans are known as an allergenic food. Its allergens are found in the protein fraction and is removed in the Lecithin manufacturing process. Lecithin does contain trace levels of soy proteins and these have been found to include soy allergens. However, many allergists believe that Lecithin does not contain sufficient soy protein residues to provoke allergic reactions in the majority of soy-allergic consumers.

BodyBio® PC requires additional processing of the Lecithin material to arrive at a high concentration of phospholipids, providing a quality PC.


Phospholipid Complex 1300 mg

2 softgels or 1/2 teaspoon with food, unless otherwise suggested by your healthcare healthcare practitioner.