Holiday Healing: How to Detox After a Seasonal Celebration

Holiday Healing: How to Detox After a Seasonal Celebration

Stephanie Mandel by Stephanie Mandel

Holiday Healing: How to Detox After a Seasonal Celebration

November 14, 2018

Have you recently indulged in a holiday feast? Or perhaps you’re planning to? We want to help you feel your best during this holiday season, so we’re sharing our tried-and-true strategies for getting back on track toward your health and fitness goals while fully enjoying the festivities. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to still fit into your pants on New Year’s Eve?

Let’s walk through a holiday party scenario:

You’ve enjoyed yourself, tasted all kinds of yummy holiday treats, and you’ve just gotten home from the party. 




SpectraMin Liquid Multi Mineral by Energetix

Drinking purified water is one of the best ways to help your body flush out toxins. Drink at least 8 ounces of water before bed.

Eating foods like sugar and too much salt can dehydrate the body. SpectraMin liquid minerals in water helps to re-hydrate the body the next day.



Activated Charcoal by Integrative Therapeutics

We know if there’s one day to eat things you might not normally eat, it’s Thanksgiving! Delicious as they may be, sugar, gluten, dairy, not to mention food colorings and alcohol can all conspire against you the next day. Think puffiness, low energy, bloating, foggy thinking...sound familiar?

We love Activated Charcoal after the meal to help absorb toxins in the digestive tract.


Power Off for Better Sleep

While we sleep, our body has time to detox, heal and reboot. Bonus points for getting to bed early the following night - 8 hours is the goal!

Power Off helps keep you in the deep, restful state the body needs to refuel so you awaken refreshed.




Alka-Seltzer® Gold for Aspirin-Free Digestive Relief

If you indulged the night before, you’re likely to be dehydrated and a bit acidic the morning after. Start replenishing fluids first thing in the morning, and alkalinize with one of these concoctions:




  • Enjoy warm water with a squeeze of lemon
  • Try one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 3 ounces of water
  • Warm dandelion tea supports liver detox and is a great addition to a“morning after” ritual
  • Alka Seltzer is a classic morning-after remedy - we love a specific version called Alka Seltzer Gold because it has baking soda in lieu of aspirin to provide some serious alkalinization


Daily Benefit Vegan Protein (Rice Protein) Powder

Once you’re hydrated and alkaline, it’s time to bring blood sugar back into balance with protein-rich, alkaline breakfasts. Clear the slate by including a healthy fat — such as avocado, coconut oil, nuts, or egg yolks — to help bile acids clear out toxins. Enjoy one of our favorite breakfasts, with a side of green tea:



  • “Detox shake” with a plant-based protein powder that supports liver function, like our vegan Daily Benefit Detox Powder (2 scoops), ¼ cup frozen berries, a large handful of baby spinach, ½ avocado, and if you like chocolate, 1 tbsp raw cacao powder
  • Steel cut oatmeal with coconut oil, sliced or chopped almonds and walnuts, berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Two hard-boiled eggs, sliced avocado, tomato and cucumber with a side of arugula
  • Baby kale and shallots sautéed in avocado oil topped with one or two poached eggs
  • Veggie scramble with avocado cooked in coconut oil
  • Paleo granola with almond milk and blueberries


Detox Nutrients by Dr.Morrison at The Morrison Center


Detox Nutrients contains milk thistle, watercress, and green tea extract, and other ingredients to support the body’s natural detoxification process.

  • Have as many dark-green and non-starchy veggies as you can! Five to nine cups is the goal.
  • Make an effort to include foods and beverages that support detoxification, such as arugula, artichoke, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, collard greens, kale, mustard greens, watercress, green tea, pomegranate, blueberries, onion, garlic, turmeric, and citrus.
  • Keep drinking water, and add fresh lemon juice or sliced cucumber for more flavor and alkalinity.

 We hope these ideas inspire you to both enjoy your Thanksgiving meal to the fullest and know you can bounce back so you can make the most of the holiday weekend.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Morrison Center and Daily Benefit!


This guide was written by Dr. Morrison and the health and nutrition experts at The Morrison Center. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health through the treatment and prevention of disease.



Dr. Jeffrey Morrison is an award-winning medical doctor, a leader in the field of Integrative Medicine, and champion of a nutritional approach to healthcare



Robin is a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine and holistic healing modalities. She helps her clients address complicated conditions and return to wellness.



Stephanie is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner with a passion for helping her clients fulfill their potential through both emotional and physical optimization.



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