How to be a Lean, Green, Cleaning Machine

Stephanie Mandel and Robin Foroutan by Stephanie Mandel and Robin Foroutan

How to be a Lean, Green, Cleaning Machine

July 30, 2019

Last month we shared with you the Top 6 Toxins to kick out of your home, and since then, everyone’s been asking…

- "What about popular cleaning products?" -

That’s why we’re bringing you Dr. Morrison’s tips for keeping your house spic and span, while minimizing contact with harmful detergents and cleaning agents.

If you’ve heard of the “hygiene hypothesis,” then you know that the overuse of common household cleaning products, particularly antibacterial disinfectants, are believed to be major contributors to the rising numbers of childhood asthma and allergies. Not to mention headaches and rashes triggered by toxic chemicals in household products. So how do you balance keeping a clean home with keeping harmful chemicals at bay? The answer lies in using more natural cleaning options, such as:

Baking soda: Absorbs odors and chemicals and can be used as a mild abrasive. It can remove stains from the bathtub or toilet and remove grime from a dirty oven.

Borax: A mineral compound (sodium borate) that is a disinfectant, deodorizer, mold inhibitor, and mild abrasive.

White vinegar: Cuts grease, deodorizes, and dissolves sticky buildup and mineral deposits.

Lemon juice: Cuts grease, dissolves sticky buildup, and has a bleaching effect.

Vegetable-based dish soaps: Use a vegetable-based soap that is made out of olive oil, such as castile soap.

Interested in trying out these natural options? Check out these homemade versions of common household products to clean your home healthfully.

With these tips, we hope you’ll enjoy a cleaner, greener, and healthier summer!

Product Homemade option
Air freshener
  • Boil cinnamon and cloves and let the steam circulate
  • Put ½ cup of borax in the bottom of garbage pails
  • Place a box of baking soda in the refrigerator to absorb bad smells
All-purpose cleaner Mix 1 tsp borax, 2 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice, 5 drops lavender essential oil, and 2 cups hot water into a spray bottle
Tub and tile scouring powder Mix 1 cup baking soda and ¼ cup borax, sprinkle on area and scrub with warm water
Floor cleaner Wood floors: use a vegetable soap like castile soap or Murphy’s Oil Soap

Vinyl floors: use a mixture of ½ cup vinegar, ¼ cup borax, 1 gallon hot water

Glass cleaner Mix ⅛ cup white vinegar to 1 cup water in a spray bottle
Furniture and floor polish Use 2 parts olive oil, 1 part white vinegar, and essential oil for scent; another option is to use mineral oil with a few drops of lemon juice for each pint
Mold and mildew cleaner Mix 1 tsp borax, 3 tbsp white vinegar, and 2 cups hot water, spray on surface and scrub off mold; to inhibit mold growth, spray a few more times but don’t wipe off

For more information and tips to keep your home and body clean and clear, check Dr. Morrison’s book, Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind, and be sure to follow The Morrison Center on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


This guide was written by Dr. Morrison and the health and nutrition experts at The Morrison Center. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health through the treatment and prevention of disease.



Dr. Jeffrey Morrison is an award-winning medical doctor, a leader in the field of Integrative Medicine, and champion of a nutritional approach to healthcare



Robin is a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine and holistic healing modalities. She helps her clients address complicated conditions and return to wellness.



Stephanie is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner with a passion for helping her clients fulfill their potential through both emotional and physical optimization.


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