Stock Up for Cold & Flu Season — Don’t Wait Until You’re Sick Stock Up for Cold & Flu Season — Don’t Wait Until You’re Sick

Stock Up for Cold & Flu Season — Don’t Wait Until You’re Sick

Jeffrey Morrison by Jeffrey Morrison

Stock Up for Cold & Flu Season — Don’t Wait Until You’re Sick

November 03, 2022

As the temperature drops outside and we head into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the cold and flu season may be the last thing you want to plan for — although Dr. Morrison believes this makes it the perfect time to stock up on what you’ll need to keep you and your loved ones healthy. By planning ahead now, you can be confident that you’ll have exactly what you need on-hand to quickly take care of a sore throat or cold and flu symptoms.

Don’t wait until you’re stuck in bed recouping from a nasty cold, before you show your immune system the boost it deserves! Dr. Morrison’s Immune Defenders are the specific supplements he’s combined successfully for the last decade to help folks — like you — stay healthy through the coming months. 

What are the Immune Defenders and how are they helpful?

  • Argentyn Mouth / Nasal Spray
  • Bee Propolis
  • NAC
  • Reacted Zinc
  • Isoquercitrin

Argentyn Mouth / Nasal Spray 

1-2 sprays in each nostril and in the throat: to help upper respiratory nasal or throat infection

Topical silver has been found to be anti-microbial and when it’s used at the very earliest sign of symptoms, it could help drastically slow the progression of an upper respiratory nasal or throat infection.

Bee Propolis 

2 dropperfuls 3 times a day: to help reduce severity of upper respiratory infections

This is made by local bees from the Catskills to protect their hive from invading infections. Dr. Morrison has found when you take Bee propolis right when you start feeling under the weather, it can dramatically improve symptoms of a sore throat and help reduce the severity of upper respiratory infections.


2 capsules 2 times a day: to help as a natural decongestant

NAC is an amino acid that has been studied to help significantly reduce flu symptoms by improving our immune response against viral infections.  Also, when taken 3 capsules 2 times a day, it can work as a natural decongestant.

Reacted Zinc 

1 daily: to help our body’s ability to fight off infections

Dr. Morrison highly suggests taking Zinc 50mg because it’s known to improve our immune system function and improves our body’s ability to fight off infections. You should consider taking this with Isoquercetin.


2 capsules 2 times a day for 1 month after illness: to help as an immune regulator

Isoquercitrin helps regulate our immune response and improves the effects of Zinc. When Zinc and Isoquercetin are taken together, it helps enhance and balance our immune response to infections.


Also, if you’re looking for an easy and healthy habit that will help boost your immune system BEFORE it’s overtaxed, check out Top 3 Immune Defenders for you this Fall. Now is the perfect time to start a routine that will help you sail smoothly through the holiday season!

Of course, we hope you’ll have a happy and healthy fall and winter! Although, it’s likely many of us will experience some illness, whether it’s a scratchy sore throat, sinus pressure, or more serious flu symptoms. Don’t wait until you’re experiencing these symptoms before stocking up on the powerful supplements that will help your body to fight the infection.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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