Support on Your Detox and Beyond

Support on Your Detox and Beyond

Support on Your Detox and Beyond

Are you ready to hit the reset button after a long winter? Our TMC Annual Spring Detox is just around the corner!

The Morrison Center’s Daily Benefit 10 Day Detox is the perfect opportunity for you to ease the transition into a diet and lifestyle more appropriate for warmer weather. Our plan provides all the key nutrients necessary to allow your body to do a deeper detox and eliminate stored toxins, while also giving your body a break from potentially unhealthy, inflammatory foods. Based on Dr. Morrison’s study and our clinical experience, most of us notice improved digestion, fewer sugar cravings, beautiful glowing skin and an increase in energy by the end of the program. Sounds like a dream right?

We know how challenging it can be to make big changes to your diet and lifestyle, and we’ve got you covered. Our nutritionists, Stephanie and Robin, are available to provide additional support on this detox and beyond. They can personalize the detox program specifically for your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle because one size does NOT fit all and sometimes a little extra support is all you need to succeed.



Robin Foroutan, MS, RDN, HHC

Robin is a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine and holistic healing modalities. Robin combines the basic tenets of healthy eating with the emerging science of an Integrative and Functional Nutrition approach, utilizing dietary interventions and elimination diets, supplements, nutrigenomics, and mind-body techniques to help her clients address complicated conditions and return to wellness.

Stephanie Mandel

Stephanie is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner with a passion for helping her clients fulfill their potential through both emotional and physical optimization. Stephanie bases her work in the power of a balanced whole-foods diet, stress management, and the pursuit of personal growth as the foundation for optimal health. She partners with her clients to optimize energy, vitality and physical well being with a balanced, natural approach.


Get Your Daily Benefit Detox Set Today!


Our 10-Day Daily Benefit set includes: 

  • One Program Guide to walk you through the program
  • The Morrison Center Shaker Bottle
  • One Bottle of Daily Benefit Vegan Protein Powder (20 Servings)
  • One Bottle of Daily Benefit Fiber (20 Servings)
  • One Bottle of Glutamine Plus (60 Servings)
10-day daily benefit detox set


Our 30-Day Daily Benefit Set includes:

  • One Program Guide to walk you through the program
  • The Morrison Center Shaker Bottle
  •  Three Bottles of Daily Benefit Vegan Protein Powder (60 Servings)
  •  Two Bottles of Daily Benefit Fiber (40 Servings)
  •  One Bottle of Glutamine Plus (enough for 60 Capsules)
30-day daily benefit detox set


Our annual detox kicks off on April 15th and runs through April 24th. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with one of our nutritionists, call or email our office today!

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This guide was written by Dr. Morrison and the health and nutrition experts at The Morrison Center. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health through the treatment and prevention of disease.