TMC’s Integrative Approach Part 2

TMC’s Integrative Approach Part 2

TMC’s Integrative Approach Part 2

So we’ve discussed the 3 ‘M’s to our 3M / 2S integrative approach to patient care. Today, we’re talking about the 2 ‘S’s in this strategy.  

Our next step after establishing your Meal plan, Movement program, and Mindset strategy, is to work on the 2S part of your health plan. We use our experience as practitioners and an integrative medicine approach to interpret your test results and give you meaningful recommendations about appropriate Supplements and Services. Let’s take a closer look at these 2 facets of our approach.

After a detailed review of your lab results and with your particular health goals in mind, we’ll often recommend vitamin, mineral, amino acid or herbal supplements, to enhance your healing process. Supplements are meant to provide focused nutrition when there are deficiencies, enhanced nutritional resources to act as building blocks for healing the digestive tract, building blocks for neurotransmitter production, or even resources for healing your cell membranes and upbuilding mitochondrial function. Simply said, supplements are an essential part of a successful healing journey.  

To further enhance the benefits of your Meal plan, Movement program, Mindset strategy, and Supplements, we offer a number of very effective Services to complement your program. One of our most powerful services is the use of IV therapy. By delivering vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other unique formulations intravenously, we are able to drastically enhance the benefits of your program. Whether you need IVs due to poor intestinal absorption of nutrients or if they’re being used to enhance healing after surgery or recovery from a long work week, IVs make a powerful impact on improving your health program.

The services we offer here at The Morrison Center have been refined and curated by Dr. Morrison over the last 20 years. Some of the unique offerings include Nutritional IVs, Upbuilding Recovery IVs, Detox Support IVs, Immune Support IVs, Mitochondrial Resuscitation IVs, and Cell Membrane Healing IVs, and Activated Oxygen treatments. We’re excited to soon offer Low Level Light Therapy which can act as an ignition for your cellular functioning. 

In addition to IV therapy, our skilled phlebotomists are here to make the blood draw and testing process pleasant. Our health coaches help curate individualized meal plans to make healthy eating fun. Our energy practitioners help remove nervous system impediments to your healing process. Our supplement team is here to answer your questions about products and our amazing front office staff is here to facilitate your appointments and ensure your journey with us is efficient and enjoyable. Connect with our office to get started! 

Looking to apply this philosophy to your lifestyle?
Here at The Morrison Center, we work in collaboration with you to evaluate and clarify your unique set of circumstances and symptoms and then help you find a strategy to help you find balance so you can become your best self. Your health and happiness is our ultimate goal.

Call our office at 212-989-9828 to find out more and share this with your friends and family who you believe can benefit from the TMC approach!